You an impeccable service.   We don't want the definition of super luxury, but we are meticulous to always be at our best. The price paid for your charter must make up for all your satisfaction.
We love our boat, impeccably maintained. For the week you are on board is your boat. Symbol of pride and admiration.

We are ready to make your wishes come true - Have a meeting with the Captain to plan a tour which will fill your heart and mind with great memories.

We will sail through the marvellous natural environment of this amazing country with an incredible cultural heritage.
On the edge of the bays of many small islands surrounding us, luscious vegetation grows around the villages and it seems like the time has stopped.
We will raise our sails when the wind is favourable and as we move, gently and silently, the only sound will be the sound of the sea.

If you want to relax all we do is let down the anchor, so for hours we can bathe and snorkel in the crystal clear waters, surrounded only by nature's beauty and silence. During this rewarding idleness the ship's cook will prepare one of many specialities, so that your satisfaction will be complete.

We will sail until late in the afternoon before stopping for the night in some small town, to visit the local cultural heritage sites with polite locals. We will book our evening meal in a good restaurant, to keep you satisfied with your food on land and not only on board. Finally, we will relax with a last drink on board, in the Hera's comfortable marquee, preparing our minds for a new, marvellous day.
Possible in full board or some dinners in boat and spend the night in magnificent and peaceful bays.

Thank you for your attention.
Capt. Hrvoje & Francesco

We have no comparison.
  A truly exclusive sailing holiday superior to all possible choices. A truly unforgettable cruise in Croatia.
Get up in the morning and take a dip in the sea before breakfast in beautiful bays lovingly served by the crew. Spectacular 360-degree view, pleasant silence and the happiness of being together with loved ones in full intimacy.     
Embarkation - Disembarkation
Gulet Hera
Embarkation position of Gulet Hera

Boarding in Split port - ACI MARINA

Boarding in Dubrovnik / Gruz -- MARINA FRAPA

Boarding: Saturday from 3:00 p.m.
Landig:     Saturday before 8,30 a.m.
Pre telephone contact for details
On board. Capt.  Hrvoje Barcot - English  and Croatian language
Francesco Forte. Italian and Spanisch language - Customer organization

General Info:

National currency  Eur
Credit cards: American Exspress, Diners Club, Eurocard / Mastercard and Visa, are normally accepted in all shopping centers, restaurants and hotels.
Numerous ATMs are available throughout in Croatia
Documents: Only passport  for International citizens no European community
Passport or identity card for citizens of the European community
Airport Split
Airport Dubrovnik
Meteo Croatia
Croatia   Europe
Gulet Hera is one of the most referenced boats in Croatia. Several 5-star reviews for Service, Gastronomy and Comfort.