Servizio di guest blogging Gulet Hera "Croatia" - elegant and comfortable

The large welcoming hall, with mahogany and teak panelling, is full of light and has armchairs and a dining table - Air conditioning- Bar  Automatic ice maker- TV - DVD   Stereo/Cd/Mp3 . Wi Fi internet.

Very comfortable and welcoming cabins with air conditioning and heating, mahogany panelling and everything required for outstanding comfort. In the bathroom: warm and cold water always available, shower, hair dryer, hygiene maintenance set - ceramic wc with in-built bidet.
In all cabins Electronic Silent Fan - Use non stop)

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cabins 1 - 2 - 5
cabins 3 - 4
Cabins 3 - 4
Cabin  5
Gulet Hera Bar - Kristian WEB int.
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Hera new toilet Cabins 1-2-5
Cabins 3 - 4 overview
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Hera - Cabinn 3 - cabin 4
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